The laser procedure was a good experience. My skin looks so much younger and my skin tone is more even. The procedure was fast and painless.I did not have to waite at all for my appointment. I was able to schedule it fast and had a free consult prior to scheduling, which made me feel very comfortable.

– Debbie K.

Dr Carlson put numbing cream around the sensitive area of my eyes when I visited first week of Nov. This made it much more comfortable. I am out a week and my eyes look great! It was a great experience and I appreciate her kindness at my visit!

– Crenna M.

Dr. Vera Carlson is my Family Medicine provider in whom I have full respect and confidence. It was a natural choice for me to use her professional knowledge and talents when I chose to undergo cosmetic/aesthetic treatment.

Dr. Carlson is acutely sensitive to providing pain-free (so appreciated!) filler procedures and the results are very natural-looking.
Any corrections are promptly attended to.

As an older gal and a long-time user of a favorite Retinoid, I very much appreciated Dr. Carlson’s suggestion for changing to a topical cream that has made a big difference in the texture of my facial skin. I like it a lot.

Thank you, Dr. Carlson!

– Marianne B.

Totally Pain Free Fillers- NOT Kidding! The areas around my lips and eyes are showing my age. I’m so happy with the fillers that Dr. Carlson uses and that she knows when to stop so that I don’t look fake. She’s very patient during the procedure. I also never noticed that parts of my face were not perfectly semetrical. She fixed that too!

– Sharon D.

I really appreciated Dr. Carlson’s expertise. She informed me of all my options to improve my skin aesthetics and health. I’m excited to move forward with her recommendations!

– Erica M.

I had botox done here by Dr. Carlson and she offers numbing medication to make it less painful. I also liked how she did not try to oversell me and recommended just what needed. She actually talked me out of a few areas that were not needed. Also does not have a month or more waiting list like other providers in the valley!

– Ella H.

Great place, Dr. Carlson was really helpful! Her advice was honest and useful!

– Julia