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Wrinkles are an obvious sign of aging that can have a negative effect on your overall expression. Fortunately, there are several nonsurgical anti-aging treatments that can minimize wrinkles and fine lines while offering a variety of rejuvenating benefits. Vera Carlson, MD, PhD, provides expert wrinkle treatments at Cache Cosmetics & Laser, located in Providence, Utah, using the most advanced technology in the industry. To learn more about how you can achieve smoother, more youthful skin, schedule a consultation at the office. Call today or book online.

Wrinkles Q&A

What causes wrinkles?

Wrinkles, lines, and creases are some of the most common age-related skin concerns. While your genetics determine exactly how growing older affects your skin, a variety of external factors can also contribute to wrinkles and make them more visible. 

Causes of wrinkles and lines include:

  • Decreased production of natural skin oils
  • Loss of fatty tissue in the skin
  • Reduced amounts of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid
  • Sun exposure
  • Repeated facial expressions

Smoking, diet, and lifestyle habits also contribute to wrinkles and other visible signs of aging.

Can I prevent wrinkles from forming?

Steps you can take to prevent wrinkles from forming or becoming more pronounced include:

  • Limiting sun exposure
  • Applying sunscreen when outdoors
  • Using skin moisturizers
  • Quitting smoking

A healthy diet can also help to keep your skin looking smooth and healthy.

Which treatments can improve wrinkles?

Spa treatments and topical products can offer mild, short-term benefits for wrinkles. However, professional aesthetic treatments yield optimal anti-aging results. Dr. Carlson provides a variety of anti-aging treatments that smooth skin and restore volume, radiance, and strength.

Treatments at Cache Cosmetics & Laser that can improve wrinkles and lines include:


Botox injections address issues caused by repetitive facial movements, such as worry lines and crow’s feet. Botox blocks nerve signals to contracted muscles, causing them to relax. This, in turn, smooths the skin above your muscles, resulting in a reduction of creases, lines, and wrinkles, as well as a more pleasant resting expression.

Dermal fillers

Dr. Carlson recommends the JUVÉDERM® line of injectable fillers. These products replace hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that gives younger skin fullness and strength. Dermal fillers can restore the shape of facial contours, plump thin lips, and create tighter, smoother skin. 

Laser skin resurfacing

Dr. Carlson has extensive experience performing laser skin resurfacing treatments using the MiXto® system. This industry-leading CO2 fractional laser doesn’t only deliver exceptional results when it comes to wrinkles and lines. The MiXto also brightens dull skin, improves dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and can address acne scars and other common blemishes, resulting in maximum skin revitalization and rejuvenation.

Which wrinkle treatment is right for me?

Following your consultation, Dr. Carlson recommends a personalized treatment plan that may combine more than one procedure for optimal results.

If you’re ready to banish unsightly wrinkles and fine lines, schedule a consultation with Dr. Carlson. Call Cache Cosmetics & Laser or make an appointment online today.