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Vera Carlson, MD, PhD

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Have you tried popular diets without results or experienced dramatic weight loss only to regain the weight plus some extra pounds? Reaching your ideal weight can boost your confidence, but, more importantly, losing weight offers an array of health benefits for years to come. Weight-loss services at Cache Cosmetics & Laser give you the skills and lifestyle habits that result in long-lasting success. Located in Providence, Utah, expert physician, Vera Carlson, MD, PhD, designs personalized weight-loss plans for men and women. To learn more about medically supervised weight loss or to schedule a consultation, call the office, or book online today.

Weight Loss Q&A

What is a medical weight-loss program?

Medically supervised weight-loss programs help men and women who wish to lose weight achieve their goals using an evidence-based approach. Dr. Carlson is an experienced family medicine provider with a background in molecular medicine. She and the team at Cache Cosmetics & Laser design personalized weight-loss plans tailored to your individual goals and lifestyle that provide the information and support you need to achieve success.

Unlike popular diets, medical weight-loss programs don’t just tell you what you can and can’t eat. Your custom weight-loss program educates you about the science of weight loss and helps you build healthy habits that lead to long-term results.  

How does my doctor design my weight-loss program?

Your weight-loss journey begins with an initial consultation. Dr. Carlson conducts a physical exam, a careful review of your medical history, and an in-depth discussion of your personal weight-loss goals and any weight-loss programs you’ve attempted in the past. She may also order blood work and other diagnostic tests to rule out any health conditions that might interfere with your ability to lose weight, such as thyroid disorders or sleep apnea.

Following your consultation, Dr. Carlson designs your personal weight-loss program. Because a healthy, nutritious diet is the cornerstone of good health, nutritional counseling, meal planning, and monitoring your caloric intake are essential to shedding extra pounds and keeping them off for good.

What is involved in a medical weight-loss program?

Dr. Carlson may ask you to keep a food diary. This helps both her and you gain a better understanding of your relationship with food. She may also ask you to log your daily caloric intake so that together you can gradually reduce the number of calories you consume. This helps prevent you from extreme hunger, feeling dizzy or faint, and other symptoms that could interfere with your progress.

In addition to nutritional and caloric adjustments, your weight-loss program may include:

  • Nutritional counseling and planning
  • Food diaries
  • Weight check-ins
  • Prescription weight-loss medications
  • Exercise programs
  • Educational resources

Dr. Carlson may suggest you join an online or in-person support group to prevent you from feeling isolated as you focus on losing weight and improving your health. The team at Cache Cosmetics & Laser also provides ongoing support on the road to your ideal weight.

To learn more about custom weight-loss programs at Cache Cosmetics & Laser, call or make an appointment online today.