The Beauty of Botox

In the world we live in there are numerous ways people can celebrate life and the beauty that surrounds them. Some people enjoy photography and capturing the beauty of a sunset. Others find peace and fulfillment in running a marathon and pushing their bodies to the limit. I have come to understand that however one finds this sense of joy and positive energy is a really personal thing. No two people are the same. No two lifetimes will share the exact same experiences. 

With this in mind, there is an infinite number of ways a person can learn to enjoy life and embrace that positivity. I choose to help myself stay positive, feel young, and reap the benefits of science by receiving Botox injections. For some people, this is a difficult decision. Whether you agree with me or not, I have found the benefits have far out wayed any fears or worries I may have felt about Botox injections. 

In order to help others find their own positivity here are Five Reasons I am Grateful for Botox.

The lines on my forehead had gradually over the years begun to give me the appearance of a scowl. Although I am, and usually have been, a happy person, my natural resting face gave off an unpleasant vibe. Botox has eliminated this problem for me. No longer do I feel worried about the negativity or angry look that others may be afraid of. I have so much more confidence that I am able to project the kind, pleasant and loving nature that I feel inwardly onto my outward appearance.

This is also incredibly important to me because of my religious beliefs. I am much more confident in my demeanor, approachable and able to be someone that others feel comfortable and happy to be around. My beliefs have always led me to understand that serving others, building a life of love and caring is one of the most important aspects we can focus on. As silly as it may sound, Botox helps me to feel that I have that loving, caring, approachable face that others will trust and feel safe around. No one likes an onery woman with a scowl on her face! Botox has helped me eliminate that persona. I feel confident in my beautiful, pleasant smile.

When I look in the mirror, I love that I look happy! If I see a happy, kind face looking back at me than I can only imagine the difference my family and friends see as well. That age-old adage, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” is absolutely true! As a woman – our happiness is like the heart of the home. Happy feels contagious.

Botox helps me to realize, it is important to do something for myself sometimes. I know as mothers, wives, teachers, nurses, sisters, friends, or all the other various roles we as women play in life, it can be easy to constantly forget ourselves. The simple truth is, I matter. My life is important. My happiness is important. Taking this small step to make me feel confident and beautiful goes a long way in helping me to remember my self-worth. I love myself. I love my life. I am grateful for who I have become.

I have come to understand that wanting to increase my physical appearance does not demean my moral values. In fact, as I feel more physically attractive and vibrant I have found that I am more likely to spend my time on spiritual and mental matters that help me grow and feel strengthened. If I choose to wear nail polish or wax my eyebrows, does this make a vain person? Of course not. Choosing to enhance my appearance through scientific advances is a good thing! It makes me feel more like – me! 

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