Start the New Year Off Right with Personal Wellness Coaching

The new year is here, and it's a chance to assess your health, appearance, life trajectory, and aspirations. Losing weight and eating healthier are two common goalposts, so why not combine them into one? Overall wellness refers to the weight, nutrition, and exercise routine you use to maintain your health and mood. 

At Cache Cosmetics & Laser in Providence, Utah, feeling good about yourself is the focus of every treatment. This includes wellness coaching. With Dr. Vera Carlson and her team here to guide you through the process, achieving a healthy lifestyle becomes a far less monumental task.

What can wellness coaching do for me? 

Wellness coaching is about more than helping you lose weight or stick to a healthy diet. It's about helping you improve your mood, self-confidence, energy levels, and lifestyle. Your wellness coach is more than a personal trainer or nutritionist; they're a medical professional there to help you better your overall health. 

Wellness coaching can help you improve your life in a number of ways — many of which you might not have noticed were lacking. These include: 

If any or all of the above sound good to you, consider making an appointment with Dr. Carlson.

What does wellness coaching include? 

Wellness coaching starts with a full physical exam. Your doctor goes over your medical history, medications, and any existing conditions. Tests might be ordered, and your current lifestyle is assessed. If you have questions about your weight or health, they can be answered. 

This information is used to create a personalized plan for you. This plan can involve: 

After your wellness plan has been tailored to fit your needs, you begin the process of improving your health. You'll be asked to return for wellness checks, and your doctor adjusts your plan to accommodate your needs and progress. 

Why wellness is the best New Year's resolution 

Many of us want to improve certain aspects of our appearance or lifestyle for the new year. Some people focus on one specific aspect, like dieting or weight loss or exercise, while others pile their resolution list high. 

Shifting your attention away from specific goals and onto a broader idea of wellness can help you create a real, reachable objective. Wellness coaching is about improving yourself in every way you can, instead of aiming for an ideal weight or muscle mass. 

The help of a medical professional like Dr. Carlson is invaluable during this process. She can help you make safe, responsible decisions about your body, and direct your focus onto reasonable goals. A wellness coach does more than guide you; they hold you accountable. 

If you're interested in achieving better overall wellness this new year, Dr. Carlson and her team can help you create a plan that fits your unique needs. Call the Cache Cosmetics & Laser office or book your appointment online

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