Signs You Have a Slow Metabolism

Most of the time, your body has no problem carrying out multiple functions. In fact, you hardly notice all the work your body does every day until something stalls.

That is especially true of your metabolism. 

At Cache Cosmetics & Laser, Dr. Vera Carlson and our team are dedicated to helping you look and feel your best. That’s why we’ve made revving up your metabolism a focus of our wellness program. Here’s everything you need to know about this important internal process, and how you can keep it functioning properly. 

All about your metabolism

Metabolism has become a buzz word in discussions about health and wellness. But what is it really?

Metabolism is your body’s process of turning the food you eat into the energy it needs. Every living thing, including plants, furry critters, and humans rely on metabolism to produce and use energy. 

There’s a lengthy list of lifestyle and health factors that can affect your metabolism, including:

People often blame a slow metabolism for their weight issues, and for good reason. If your metabolism is sluggish, you burn fewer calories, and they get stored as fat.  

Signs of a slow metabolism

Gaining weight and an inability to lose it is an indicator that your metabolism needs a jump start. Here are some other signs that you’re struggling with a slow metabolism.


When your metabolism isn’t working properly, you’re not creating and using energy efficiently. That can cause you to feel groggy and sleepy throughout the day. 

Physical changes

Your metabolism also affects you on a cellular level. Without a low metabolism, you might find yourself gaining weight, even if you are eating healthily. 

Slow pulse 

If you check your pulse and notice that it’s thumping a bit slower than usual, you may have a slow metabolism. Your body is struggling to get the energy it needs, so it starts to slow down your other functions. 

Cravings for sweets

When your metabolism slows, your body can also develop insulin resistance. Insulin turns the sugar in your blood into energy. The resistance to insulin means your body can’t absorb the sugar in your blood, causing you to reach for sweet treats. 


Your sluggish metabolism can even impact how quickly your body processes and removes waste. You could be struggling to move your bowels when your metabolism struggles. 

Thyroid issues

Slow metabolism is often linked to another condition called hypothyroidism, meaning your thyroid slows the production of the thyroid hormone. You might notice symptoms like:

If you notice any of these warning signs, your slow metabolism could be caused by an underlying condition like hypothyroidism. 

Speeding up your slow metabolism 

Dr. Carlson takes a holistic approach to your health and wellness and offers a wide variety of treatments when addressing issues like slow metabolism. 

She incorporates wellness strategies like nutrition counseling, exercise education, and lifestyle modification to help your metabolism perform as it should. But there are some things you can try on your own to jump-start or complement your treatments. Some tips and tricks to give your metabolism a boost include:

All of these strategies, coupled with Dr. Carlson’s expertise, can help speed up your metabolism and reboot your health. 

Don’t let a slow metabolism keep you down. When you’re ready to live life firing on all cylinders, call our Providence, Utah office at 435-200-1104, or schedule an appointment online.

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