How You Can Take Care of Your Skin This Winter

Residents of Utah are lucky to experience all of the seasons throughout the year. Unfortunately, that also means we experience the worst of the wintertime. And when the chill of the season settles in, every aspect of your life changes, especially when it comes to your skin. 

Dr. Vera Carlson and our team of aesthetic specialists at Cache Cosmetics & Laser know that your skin is vulnerable when winter storms in. That’s why we’re sharing our best wintertime skin care tips in addition to providing the best aesthetic services available. 

The winter and your skin

The first step in learning how to protect your skin from the winter chill is understanding the impact cold weather has on your skin. 

When your skin is healthy, it draws from the natural supply of oils and moisture in your body. More temperate and humid weather like what we experience in the summertime also helps keep your skin moisturized.

During the winter, however, the temperature drops, the wind picks up, and the humidity in the air evaporates, stripping your skin of the moisture it needs. The elements, coupled with the drying effects of indoor heating, leave your skin dry and vulnerable. 

You’re even more susceptible to the drying effects of winter if you’re older, as your skin gradually loses its supply of moisture as you age.

Dry skin might not seem like a big deal, but it can have an impact on both your physical health and your overall look. 

For example, dried-out winter skin causes aesthetic issues, including:

In the worst cases, dry skin can also lead to infections and other skin conditions like eczema. 

The key to reversing these effects is having an experienced physician like Dr. Carlson on your team and being proactive about supporting your skin when it’s most at risk. 

Here’s everything you should know about guarding your skin against the effects of winter. 

Evaluate your soaps

One of the worst things for your skin after it’s been dried out by the harsh winter elements is to lather it up with irritating soaps. The fragrances and dyes in most soaps exacerbate the symptoms of dry skin, so opt for moisturizing, fragrance-free cleansers instead. 

Adjust your beauty routine

Check the ingredients in your makeup, moisturizers, and toners. Chances are they’re filled with irritating chemicals, fragrances, and alcohols, which further dry out your skin. Swap those out for cream-based, fragrance-free products and use toners and astringents rarely, if at all. 

It’s also a good idea to add sunscreen to your skin care regime. Even on gray winter days, the sun’s rays penetrate through and damage your skin. 

Take shorter showers

Soaking in a hot shower for a long time strips even more moisture from your skin. Try to limit your showers to 5-10 minutes and use warm water, not hot. 

Invest in a humidifier

You run into your house to escape the howling winds and the sub-zero temperatures, but the air in your house is often just as dry as the air outside. That’s why you should set up a humidifier in the rooms you spend the most time to boost the moisture in the air.

Don’t crank the heater

It can be tempting to turn your house and your car into hot spots, but turning your heaters up full-blast only dries out your skin. Keep your thermostat set at a comfortable 68-72 degrees to make sure you don’t damage your skin. 

Prioritize fabric over fashion

That wool sweater might look great on the hanger, but the rough fabric will only exacerbate your dry skin. Opt for soft, breathable fabrics, and make sure you wear gloves or mittens with cotton or silk liners. 

Stay hydrated

Another great way to help your skin stay moisturized is to do it from within. Make it a priority to drink plenty of water to give your skin an extra boost of moisture.

Visit our expert

You can do everything in your power to protect your skin, but there’s no substitute for Dr. Carlson’s expertise and comprehensive skin care services. We have aesthetic procedures like laser resurfacing and Botox® to even out your skin tone, restore texture, and erase fine lines and wrinkles. 

Dr. Calrson meets with you to discuss your symptoms and goals and can help you decide which treatment is best. 

If you’d like more information about wintertime skin care, contact our office in Providence, Utah, or request an appointment online.

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