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Color & Makeup Trends for Fall 2019 – Rust, Purple & Red

Matte Lipstick in Bold Shades of Red 

Matte lipsticks have been the way for a few years now. The big trend for this 2019 season is all about red matte! Deep blood red from bright cherry red – all these popping red colors will have you looking your best! 

Our favorite is an affordable option from Maybelline available at

This Color Sensational Made for All Lipstick color is toned down a bit but still a shade of red that will last and last. Maybelline is a trusted brand that will leave you with the look you love at about half the price of other brands.

Blushing in Pink!
Blush is a big deal this Fall 2019 as well. Steer toward pink tones and go for dramatic effect by focusing on the apple of your cheek and then using straight strokes upward toward your temples. Don’t be afraid to add a little bronzer on the top to give your face that extra glow. 

Our favorite blush of the season? MAC powder blush in Desert Rose. Try to find it at Nordstrom’s and ask the beauty consultant to make sure this shade is best for your skin tones.  

Colors of the Season – Rust and Purple
Rust is a color that simply screams fall time. As you drive down the maple tree-lined roads and take in all that beautiful color it reminds you why this time of year just makes you feel good! Burnt-orange leaves blend in so perfectly with the brown, red and yellow tones of the season, it really is the perfect color to make you feel just as beautiful! 
Some of our favorites include a rust-colored sweater dress paired with a knee boot. Try it with a plaid pea coat and you can’t go wrong.  This dress from Nordstrom Rack is the perfect start to your fall outfit. 

Purple is also a big deal right now! Just because it’s every little girl’s favorite color doesn’t mean a grown woman can’t get her purple on! Here is a great combo of jewelry that will accent any purple dress or sweater. This combo is fun, flirty and just unique enough that it makes you stand out.  The filigree leaf pendants are perfect for a fall time statement and it adds just the right touch of elegance to any outfit.  Available at along with a wide selection of other gorgeous jewelry that is sure to accentuate any fall outfit.

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